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Artist's Statement


Having grown up in Central and South Florida with time spent in the Bahamas gives my work it's tropical flavor.
Starting as an oil painter in my mother's footsteps, I was constantly on the lookout for another medium of expression.
My introduction into the world of Interior Decor with it's luxurious fabrics, exciting wall coverings, smooth colorful ceramic tiles and fragrant natural woods stimulated my imagination.
My love of the environment and abhorrence of waste were the motivating factors in my use of generally discarded designer sample books and design project leftovers in my artistic endeavors.
The black figures seen throughout my works represent all human beings. The mostly faceless, sometimes genderless figures are captured for the moment in the midst of various activities and situations.
I have been fortunate to have won several awards for my work and to have had it displayed in several galleries.
I currently own a business in Central Florida specializing in Interior Decor and original art.

For further information please contact me via the email address or telephone number on the front page of this site. Thank you

By Valerie X Armstrong the artist formerly known as Valerie Armstrong

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